R10The new R10 Survivor Recovery System from Kannad Marine not only tells you that a man over board (MOB) situation has occurred, it also guides you directly to his location thanks to its unique combination of AIS (Automatic Identification System) and GPS technology. It works by transmitting precise location, bearing and distance data so that fellow crew members or nearby sailors’ AIS enabled receivers have all the information they need to locate the position of the person in difficulty and effect a speedy recovery, greatly increasing chances of rescue.

As the must-have personal device for all safety-conscious leisure and commercial mariners, this innovative personal AIS beacon can be fitted to a lifejacket for semi-automatic activation when the lifejacket inflates, when supplied by a Kannad Marine partner lifejacket manufacturer, (for example, Ocean Safety in the UK). It can also be manually activated, by simply sliding off the safety tab and lift an arming cap to deploy the antenna.
The R10 has been developed by Kannad Marine thanks to advances in design, which have allowed it to take SART (Search and Rescue Transponder) commercial distress beacon components and reduce them in size to fit in a ruggedly constructed, waterproof beacon.

With continuous transmission guaranteed for 24 hours and 7 year battery storage life, the R10 is reliable and effective.
This compact and lightweight search and rescue locating device is approved for sale throughout Europe with a retail price of £199 + VAT, or €225 + TAX, (or 349US$ + TAX.)

  • AIS MOB Devices

    AIS MOB Devices

    The revolutionary new SafeLink R10 is the first of its kind, a personal AIS (Automatic Identification System) device to assist in Man Overboard recovery. it is lightweight and compact, designed for and intended to be carried by all crew members.

  • PLB


    Personal Location Beacons are carried by the individual. Whether alone or in a group, on holiday, at work, carrying out your sport or hobby, if you ever find yourself in danger in a remote location a PLB comes into its own.



    Whether sailing in coastal waters or cruising offshore an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) could be the most important safety equipment you purchase for your boat.


  • SART


    A SART is designed to assist in survivor craft location during search and rescue operations. Store it on board in a location where it can be rapidly placed in any survival craft in an emergency.

  • Accessories

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