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Unique attempt to sail the Northwest Passage wins Kannad Marine’s SafeLink SOLO PLB competition

North West PassageKannad Marine has announced the latest winners of its monthly SOLO PLB giveaway competition. Nicolas Peissel from Canada and Edvin Buregren from Sweden will attempt to become one of the very few boats to ever sail the Northwest Passage in a bid to raise awareness of climate change.


On learning of their win, Peissel said; “To have the support of Kannad Marine, the world’s leading manufacturer of emergency location beacons, is fantastic news. Our voyage will take us into unchartered waters and to have such an essential piece of equipment to help ensure our personal safety gives us great reassurance for the success of our trip.”

The campaign, known as ‘Northwest Passage on a Shoestring’, will commence in June 2011 beginning from Malmo, Sweden, in Belzebub, a 1976 Hallberg-Rassy Monsun 31 boat designed for long distance sailing. The voyage will include over 14,000 nautical miles in just four months, taking in Scotland (Orkney), Iceland (Reykjavik), Greenland (Nuuk), Canada (Resolute), U.S.A. (Nome) and Canada (Vancouver). Peissel and Buregren will follow a route which, due to climate change, has only recently cleared of ice and become navigable, and Belzebub will be the first ever boat to follow this route through this extremely remote part of the world. This high latitude sail is intended to highlight the dramatic effects of climate change.

As Peissel and Buregren voyage through this remote and hostile environment, the pair will have peace of mind knowing that, should they find themselves in distress, they can alert the international search and rescue authorities to their precise location simply by activating the SOLO PLB. Waterproof, rugged and compact, Kannad Marine’s SOLO PLB is a small piece of equipment but one that could prove vital in a distress situation, thanks to its ability to continuously transmit a distress signal from anywhere in the world for a minimum of 24 hours. Able to operate at temperatures as low as -20°C, the SOLO PLB is ideal for this Arctic adventure.

Ensuring personal safety is of paramount importance on this extreme challenge, and Peissel and Buregren are currently undergoing intense preparations for the voyage in their home countries. Both are experienced sailors and are looking forward to undertaking their most extreme voyage yet. Kannad Marine is proud to be supporting their endeavours and this worthwhile environmental awareness campaign. Further information about Peissel and Buregren’s challenge can be found at

Kannad Marine’s competition continues online at, with more chances to win a SafeLink SOLO PLB in 2011. Price:  At RRP (excluding tax) of just £245 (UK), €295 (Europe), $390 (USA) the SafeLink SOLO PLB represents excellent value for money.