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Extreme Arctic adventurer wins Kannad Marine’s monthly SafeLink SOLO PLB competition

Stephane RoussonKannad Marine has announced the latest winner of its unique monthly giveaway competition. Stephane Rousson wins a free SafeLink SOLO PLB, a Personal Locator Beacon, in support of his yearlong challenge which sees him take his pedal-powered airship over the Arctic Circle.

Trials for the challenge will begin near Stephane’s home town in Nice, France, in May 2011 and will mark the beginning of his mission to raise awareness of endangered species.

Rousson is seeking to highlight some of the species disappearing from our planet, including polar bears, by pedalling his unique machine over the fragile environment of the Arctic Circle in a series of flights next year.
In the Arctic Circle, Rousson will rendezvous with Vagabond, a scientific expedition boat led by Captain and geophysicist, Eric Brossier. The boat will be journeying through the densely packed icy landscapes of Canada and Greenland, where its team of scientists will study another endangered marine species, the walrus.

During this challenge, Rousson will spend time in-flight and afloat. Throughout his adventure, Rousson will carry his SafeLink SOLO PLB, which can be activated in life-threatening situations to alert search and rescue authorities to the individual’s position, no matter where in the world they are. This compact and lightweight PLB transmits its integral GPS and 406MHz emergency signal even from the most remote of locations, and is ideal for those spending time at sea or in the air, even in the most extreme of environments.
The challenge will be physically demanding, but this is not the first time Rousson has undertaken this sort of endurance voyage; in 2008 he crossed the English Channel in a pedal-powered airship, covering the 34km crossing in just over 8 hours, which earned him the title of ‘high-flying cyclist’.

Extreme Arctic adventurer wins Kannad Marine’s monthly SafeLink SOLO PLB competition
Stephane Rousson says; “It’s fantastic to win this competition and receive this product. The SafeLink SOLO PLB is the perfect product for me because it is lightweight and every gram counts on a small airship. It is efficient and I can carry it on me with confidence knowing it will work even if I fall into the water. Not only will I endeavour to respect the environment when undertaking my projects, but I also endeavour to minimise risk to myself. To also have the support of a leading company in the world of safety is great and is a measure of the trust in the meaning of our project.”

Claire Morby, Marketing Co-ordinator for McMurdo Ltd, comments; “This is a really unique undertaking and a very worthwhile cause. Kannad Marine is delighted to be supporting Stephane Rousson’s challenge; he will be facing some very harsh environments but these are exactly the sorts of extremes that the SafeLink SOLO PLB is designed to face. We will be following Rousson’s progress with interest and wish him the very best of luck.”

Kannad Marine’s competition continues online at, with more chances to win a SafeLink SOLO PLB in 2011. Price:  RRP (excluding tax) of £245 (UK), €295 (Europe), $390 (USA) the SafeLink SOLO PLB represents excellent value for money. Availability: