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The brand new SafeLink SOLO PLB from Kannad Marine

Go Faster, Go Further, Go SOLO. The SafeLink SOLO Personal Location Beacon (PLB) from Kannad Marine takes personal safety to a new level. Whether you enjoy boating, diving, skiing or any outdoor pursuit which takes you to remote locations around the world, the SafeLink SOLO 406 MHz GPS PLB gives you direct contact with Search and Rescue services when a life threatening incident occurs anywhere in the world.

The ultra-small SafeLink SOLO is tough and durable, lightweight and compact, designed to be carried with you at all times. The size and rugged design of the SafeLink SOLO means the compact life saver can be tucked into a pocket, pouch or personal kit bag and forgotten about until needed. At an ex tax cost of only £245 (UK) €295 (Europe) $390 (USA) the SafeLink SOLO should be a standard piece of equipment for safety conscious individuals who want peace of mind whilst performing to their full potential.

The SOLO is designed for easy grip, and activation is simple. It is waterproof to 10 metres and supplied complete with a lanyard, a buoyancy pouch and a universal carry pouch; which can be attached to a belt or strap, keeping the SOLO close to hand, in case a life threatening situation necessitates alerting search and rescue organisations.

The SafeLink SOLO is a 406MHz beacon which operates on the global COSPAS SARSAT satellite communication system, supported by international government search and rescue authorities around the world.  The SOLO is subscription free and does not rely on commercial call centres. It has integral 50-channel GPS ensuring that you can be accurately located thus speeding up the time of rescue.
SafeLink SOLO PLB gives you the freedom to Perform to your full potential. Go Faster, Go Further, Go SOLO.
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