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Danish Carbon3 racing trimaran crew to be equipped with SafeLink R10s

Carbon3ScanMarine DK has signed a sponsorship with the Carbon3 racing team. ScanMarine DK has agreed to sponsor equipment to "Denmark's most prestigious sailing project," the Danish racing trimaran "Carbon3". ScanMarine DK supports Carbon3 with safety in the form of emergency transmitters from KANNAD Marine and AIS tracking equipment from COMAR Systems and the wireless “dead man's switch” from Autotether.

The Carbon3 team “flying” at speeds in excess of 30 knots (55km / h) has sought to strengthen the safety of the crew. In the event of a crew member falling overboard, Carbon 3  has a relatively long reaction time because of the high speeds, the team wanted a "high-tech" solution for tracking the man over board in order to quickly secure the situation.

ScanMarine DK has equipped all crew members with KANNAD Marine "Safe Link R10 SRS", a personal AIS SART distress transmitter, which in case of activation emits a unique identification SART distress message. The signal from the "Safe Link R10 SRS", received by AIS systems within range, will show a SART icon on a connected plotter. This means that all vessels within a minimum 4 mile radius from the signal, will be able to follow the position, distance and bearing to the man over board, and therefore be able to assists in a search and rescure. Kannad Marine "Safe Link R10 SRS" is a small personal emergency transmitter that works like a SART AIS, which is mandatory for most commercial vessel. With the built-in 50 channel GPS receiver, the Safe Link R10 transmits accurate position information with a unique AIS SART ID code that cannot be confused with an ordinary AIS navigation message. "SafeLink R10 SRS" can be installed in any self-inflating lifejackets