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Kannad Marine PLB helps rescue solo yachtsman in the Southern Ocean

A French sailor in the middle of a solo circumnavigation was rescued after activating his Kannad PLB following the dismasting of his yacht in rough seas.

On Friday 18th January Alain Delord was in a remote part of the southern ocean, 450 nautical miles south of Tasmania, following the course of the Vendee Globe 'around the world' race.  In treacherous conditions his yacht became dismasted. He was able to enter his life raft and activate his Kannad PLB, which alerted the Australia Marine Safety Authority (AMSA) to his plight.

AMSA arranged for a plane to locate him and drop supplies, meanwhile contacting the nearest ship, the cruise ship Orion, requesting that they divert to rescue him. The rescue effort comprised the use of five aircraft, two French interpreters and six drops of supplies

During his wait for rescue he was capsized five times, each time having to drag himself back into the raft. After surviving in his liferaft for three days the Orion managed to locate him and bring him on board.

Speaking after his ordeal was over, Alain thanked everyone involved in his rescue for giving him 'a second chance at life'.


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